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Author: [personal profile] lilian_cho
Main Pairing: Feliks/female!Toris
Side Pairings: Francis/Arthur/Alfred triangle, implied Antonio/Lovino, one-sided(?) Feliciano/Ludwig, one-sided Ivan/f!Toris, mentioned Feliciano/a gazillion women
Rating: up to PG-13 so far, mostly for Feliks' uncensored brain-to-mouth problem and Lovino's potty mouth.
Word count: <500-word short snippets
WARNING: For my own ease of reading, all drabbles and snippets 200 words and under will not be under an LJ-cut. This series includes female!Toris, incest jokes, slash and threesome relationships. There would be some m/f, m/m and m/m/m development ahead. (Whether that includes sex remains to be seen...)

A/N: This is the first time I write a female!canonically male character. I'm interested in exploring how Feliks, Ivan, Alfred, Elizaveta, etc. would treat female!Toris differently. And the thought of fabulous Feliks being a possessive boyfriend toward f!Toris amuses me to no end.

This DW will be updated as I write more drabbles/snippets in this 'verse.

Scroll down, and enjoy! (Everything is posted reverse chronologically for easy reading)
daigakulia: crossed France and UK flags (Furansu/Igirisu)
"That blond kid Vash is so rude!" Francis said without preamble upon entering Arthur's office.

"He accused me of flirting with his younger sister; Middle-aged men shouldn't try to pick up barely legal students. How rude! I’m barely in my thirties!"

"...Move your hand away from my papers," Arthur said, not even looking up from the papers he was grading.

Francis lifted a paper from the stack on Arthur's desk. "Are they still making you teach Humanities 103? That's just mean."

Arthur grunted in response.

"Students fall all over me, and they cry at the sight of your eyebrows. Says a lot about our personalities, doesn't it?" Francis said brightly.

"For the hundredth time, I did not make that girl cry. She was upset over her cat dying."


"Maybe my reaction was a bit extreme, but I specifically said on the syllabus that all cell phones must be turned off."

Francis gave him a pitying look.

"Stop lounging in my office! You'll scare away my students with your perverted ways!"

"I'm going, I'm going," Francis strolled to the door with a wave of his hand. He paused. "I'll see you and Alfred at seven?"

Arthur nodded curtly, cheeks flushing.


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