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大学リア: Hetalia University AU series

feat. female!Toris and the ever-fabulous Feliks

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Author: lilian_cho
Main Pairing: Feliks/f!Toris
Side Pairings: Francis/Arthur/Alfred triangle, implied Antonio/Lovino, one-sided(?) Feliciano/Ludwig, one-sided Ivan/f!Toris, mentioned Feliciano/a gazillion women
Rating: up to PG-13 so far, mostly for Feliks' uncensored brain-to-mouth problem and Lovino's potty mouth.
Word count: <500-word short snippets
WARNING: For my own ease of reading, all drabbles and snippets 200 words and under will not be under an LJ-cut. This series includes female!Toris, incest jokes, slash and threesome relationships. There would be some m/f, m/m and m/m/m development ahead. (Whether that includes sex remains to be seen...)

A/N: I was inspired to write this series by the hotness of female!Toris, no lie. (I'm meh toward female!canonically male characters in general, but f!Toris is so sexy I can't even. *self-combusts* I'm crushing. So hard.)

I'm interested in exploring how Feliks, Ivan, Alfred, Elizaveta, etc. would treat f!Toris differently. And the thought of fabulous Feliks being a possessive boyfriend toward f!Toris amuses me to no end.

This DW will be updated as I write more drabbles/snippets in this 'verse.

Enjoy! (Everything is posted reverse chronologically for easy reading)

~ ~ ~

P.S. Syllable-count-wise, "hetadai" portmanteau makes more sense than "daigakulia," but I like the sound of the latter and it's a pun in my native language.

P.P.S. I have no idea whether "Toris" is an unmistakably masculine name in Lithuania. If anyone speaks the language and has a suggestion for female!Toris name, I'm all ears!
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